Achievements - Jubilee joy extended 
Saturday, April 7, 2012, 03:42 PM
After the close of the Jubilee celebration, 25 years of MIC, other news items around and in the center of MIC are in some ways extending that jubilee joy.

First, the month of March 2012 ended with the acquisition of new tarmac road passing through MIC. It is 7 km long and this road is named Marist Lane. It facilitates the coming in and out of MIC. It was always full of mud when it rained and a place of dust when dry. It has become increasingly known by the people of Nairobi through external students attending the College at MIC.

Then another name, MIUC (Marist International University College) is also to be included on the list of achievements. MIUC currently hosts over 600 students, among them 105 young Marist Brothers of Africa in the post-novitiate formation. The Centre was known as MIC standing for Marist International Centre and Marist International College. And, since September 2011, Marist International College has been recognized as Marist International University College (MIUC).

Finally, we complete the list of achievement by going to the Fraternities. We have 7 Fraternities and each Fraternity is now supposed to be animated by two Animators. For several years, they were each led by one Animator. There are only three Fraternities expecting three new Animators to reach the goal of having two Animators in each Fraternity. The Administrative Units are preparing to send new Animators for MIC.

To conclude, we convey our best wishes for this Easter festival. May a new life ushered in by the risen Jesus inspire us in our Marist mission.

By Sandratana Camille

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