One of the Founding members of the Society of Mary, Marcellin Champagnat dedicated his life to founding the Marist Brothers, the largest Order within the Marist family. Recognised for his great work and holiness, Marcellin was canonised a Saint by Pope John Paul II in 1999.

Marcellin lived a simple life before entering the seminary, and despite struggling with his academic studies he was ordained in 1816.
Early on his life was to take a dramatic turn when he visited an uneducated and ill fifteen-year-old boy who knew nothing of God. Marcellin decided that a branch of Brothers was needed to teach children and so in 1817 he set about bringing the Marist Brothers to reality. Poor health led to the death of Marcellin Champagnat in 1840.

From seeing the young dying boy in 1817 to his death, the life of Marcellin Champagnat is nothing but exceptional and saintly. His life is a marvelous witness that one man can make a difference.